Peer Coaching

What is Peer Coaching?

Peer coaching is when two or more people engage in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.  The particular peer coaching process depends on the context including the desired outcomes, role of the participant, and available resources.

For example, the context might be spontaneous coaching conversations or planned and scheduled coaching sessions.  Sessions might be in a stand-alone program or integrated with other programs.

The group size might be two or more members.

What are the Benefits of Peer Coaching?

For individuals, the desired results might be to solve a problem or achieve a goal.  It might be to build skills in coaching or in leading others.

For groups, it might be to cultivate networking.  It might be to share support and renewal.

For teams, it might be to improve performance.  It might be to clarify responsibilities and relationships.

For organizations, it might be to change cultures.  It might be to ensure that trainings are applied or that plans are executed.

For communities, it might be to educate and inspire reform.

Ultimately, peer coaching is used whenever people need to:

  • Authentically engage with themselves and each other
  • Empower each other to break down barriers and discover their own wisdom
  • Courageously address real-world priorities in life and work – and learn at the same time

The Summit aims to make the power of peer coaching more accessible, scalable, and sustainable.

Who Engages in Peer Coaching?

Anyone and everyone:

  • Community members who are driving a change
  • Team members working together on a common goal
  • Leaders of all stripes striving to build their skills or their network
  • Friends that want to support each other to go beyond venting, to take action and learn

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