Bio: Ray Gordezky

Ray Gordezky

Academic Director, Leading Change Collaboratively

Ray convenes leaders of networks, organizations and communities working to address complex challenges such as gender equality, access to health care and building networks for social change. Ray is a Senior Associate with Fourth Quadrant Partners and a leading practitioner of emergent learning practices in peer learning settings in Africa and South East Asia. For the past 25 years, Ray has designed and facilitated multi-stakeholder processes to address complex social change. He regularly uses peer learning process in organizational change and leadership development initiatives. His work with executive teams has helped create conditions that inspire individuals and groups to seize emerging opportunities, learn together, and steward innovative partnerships. His experience includes engagements with business, government and civil society organizations both internationally and within North America, helping diverse groups of people work together to articulate and realize positive futures. Ray is known for using creative, collaborative processes to address problems and opportunities that defy ordinary conflict resolution strategies or technical fixes; issues that go beyond stakeholder consultation, into the realm of cross-boundary collaboration. He is also engaged with communities and around the world who desire to advance gender justice.

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