Bio: Ernie Turner

Ernie Turner

President, LIM and CTG

Ernie Turner is the President of LIM, Leadership in Motion, a global consulting firm focused on development – people and business – simultaneously using Action Reflection Learning™ principles. Ernie is also President of CTG, ConnectierGroup, a people and business transformation consulting firm. Ernie has a BA in English Literature from Wheaton College, Illinois and an MA in Educational Administration from City College, NYC.

Early in his career, over a 10-year period, Ernie worked and lived in Sarawak, Malaysia (with the US Peace Corps), then in Angola, Brazil, Italy and Kenya as a teacher and principal with International Schools Services. Subsequently, he co-led a major organizational change project with the New York City school system working with the New York Urban Coalition, a consortium of corporations investing in major urban change.

For the last 30 years Ernie has been leading LIM. In this capacity, he has been building LIM as an organization and working on a variety of change initiatives within multinational corporations around the world including merger integration, leadership development, team development, culture change, organizational alignment, human resource development and team coach development. Some of the organizations he has personally worked with include: AMA, Amex, Apple, AstraZeneca, AT&T, Bayer, Berlex, BMS, Boskalis, Boston School System, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Chase, Coca-Cola, Concepcion, CPR, EDC, Himont, HSBC, IMS, Juniper Networks, Lufthansa, Menarini, Merck (MSD), Motorola, ON Semiconductor, OOCL, Pfizer, Prudential, Roche, Romanian School System, Save Sarawak Rivers, Shire, SKF, Standard Chartered Bank, StenaLine, Stroypolymer, Stryker, Syngenta, Tekra, UNDP and Volvo.

Ernie has coached many executives from all kinds of industries and over 120 leadership teams. He has written numerous articles on leadership, teamwork, peer group coaching and learning and contributed to several books including Earning While Learning in Global Leadership, recounting Volvo’s 10-year experience using Action Reflection Learning principles and practices. He led a cross-functional team of AstraZeneca professionals in writing The Little Book on Teamwork. Ernie and Isabel Rimanoczy, one of his partners, co-authored Action Reflection Learning: Solving Real Business Problems by Connecting Learning with Earning. He has recently written another book, Gentle Interventions for Team Coaching: Little things that make a BIG difference. He is a frequent conference speaker.



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