About Us

Promoting Peer Coaching for Positive Impact Around the World

Peer coaching has the power to expand our confidence, conversations and learning around the world. It is time now to gather to share our knowledge, experiences and tools with advocates to deepen and expand the power of peer coaching. We can leverage our collective intelligence by building a community of peer coaching practice and innovation. Together, we can ignite a wave of empowerment, understanding, actions and learning around the world.

Building a Global Peer Coaching Community

In conversations with our peers and professional associates, we often found ourselves discussing how valuable peer coaching would be in so many contexts — supporting positive change in all kinds of organizations and communities. So several of us formed a committee to begin to proactively coordinate and support efforts to enhance and spread peer coaching.

As part of this inaugural event, we invite experienced professionals, program designers, leaders, managers and practitioners to join us in building a community that can consolidate best practices and maximize the impact of peer coaching in our communities, our organizations and around the world.

Our Inaugural Planning Committee

Starting the revolution

Chuck Appleby

President, Appleby & Associates

Eva Francis

Proprietor, ExAnimo – Simply Learning

Phil LeNir

President, CoachingOurselves

Valerie Lingeman

Owner, Double Helix Learning

Teri McNamara

Co-founder, Authenticity Consulting

Leslie Schreiber

Owner, Schreiber Training

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